We deliver your beer to its destination


We have been transporting nothing but beer for over 45 years and that is why renowned breweries put their trust in our expertise.

Cleaning the beer tanks

Our personal purity law: absolute hygiene. Thus cleaning the beer tanks is just as important as the transportation itself.

Beer is our business

We concentrate on just one thing – and we do it right. That is why we are the specialists to talk to when it comes to transporting beer in tanks.

At TORWESTEN everything revolves around your beer

Flexible logistics concepts are just as much a part
of our core business as professional beer tank cleaning that conforms to brewery standards.

With this know-how we guarantee our customers that every one of their beer deliveries reaches its destination reliably, cleanly and punctually.
From 130 to 310 hectolitres, throughout Germany and the whole of Europe.

In order to maintain the outstanding quality of your beer we drive oxygen-free using CO₂ tanks.
And we guarantee sterility. That is our contribution to upholding the purity law.